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Best Sales Prospecting Training
Best Sales Prospecting Training

Our Professional Sales Training Differentiators

  • Industry Focus: Information Technology (IT), Enterprise Software, B2B SaaS, Technology Sales Training 

  • Taught by Experts from Fortune 500 Tech Companies 

  • Practical Case Study based on IT, SaaS, and Computer Software

  • The use of Neuroscience Principles in movie-based content

  • Sales Assessments to Demonstrate the Impact of Sales Training
IT Sales Training Differentiators

Best Sales Training Programs: IT, Software & Technology



14 Tools Including Visual 3D Models

IT & Software Case Study Based

TALSMART Certificate


16 Tools Including Visual 3D Models

IT & Software Case Study Based

TALSMART Certificate


40 Tools Including Visual 3D Models

IT & Software Case Study Based

TALSMART Certificate


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Free Course by Sales Coaches who have worked with Google, IBM, and Oracle

IT Sales Training Programs

During this sales training course, You will learn

  • The right use of logic and emotion in B2B IT sales 
  • Close BIG software deals with confidence 
  • Learn that 1 critical factor for the deal to proceed in your business
  • Understand the technology sales process and master it using these sales training programs
  • Highlight your value, benefits and create differentiation using this sales training course
  • Feel confident in handling 4 main types of objections with this professional sales training 
  • Know different selling styles and their uses in this technology sales training
  • Use neuroscience principles to build rapport

Our Trainers

Emilia Clarke
IT- Sales Trainer & Coach

For over 25 years, Jason has been in the corporate area and has co-founded two start-ups. Jason has also helped numerous businesses and individuals grow. Jason has helped transform

Emilia Clarke
IT- Sales Trainer & Coach

Bryan began his career with 14 years of extensive experience with IBM as a super salesman, a “people” manager, and a sales instructor at IBM’s national ...

Emilia Clarke
IT- Sales Trainer & Coach

Award-winning global thought-leader in the IT & Software Sales enablement space. A graduate of the Virginia Military Institute, Paul has over twenty-five of experience

Emilia Clarke
IT- Sales Trainer & Coach

Mitch has over 30 years of proven success and experience of senior executive experience and leading global enterprise sales teams. He has driven sales success in both application, platform

Emilia Clarke
IT- Sales Trainer & Coach

Ron Oliver embarked on his technology sales training and enablement career over 20 years ago in Atlanta, GA. His experience gained training and coaching recognition with global brands

Emilia Clarke
IT- Sales Trainer & Coach

Wilson is an award-winning passionate and accomplished sales enablement facilitator and coach, and Distinguished Toastmaster in the enterprise software sales enablement space.

Emilia Clarke
IT- Sales Trainer & Coach

For the past 14 years, Shawn has been coaching, developing, and training salespeople and sales leaders to produce results. Being Director of Sales Enablement

Emilia Clarke
IT- Sales Trainer & Coach

Since 1992, Audrey has been training and sales coaching and consulting with Fortune 500 firms both here in the US and abroad, developing customized training solutions in a variety of industries.


Testimonials for Sales Courses

Since I joined Oracle, two years ago, I had the opportunity to attend a few training sessions facilitated by Paul, covering sales, management or coaching areas and I could say that these were the most engaging sessions I’ve ever had the chance to attend. Paul has an unique way to keep the people connected and to get everyone involved during the training and this helped myself and the team I managed to assimilate most of the information and to upgrade our sales skills to another level. Managing a team of sales professionals, covering both EMEA and NAMER regions and being able to see a rapid improvement of our sales metric, with great results amount the team, I can say that I strongly recommend Paul to any organization that wants to improve the skills of their sales employees rapidly and consistently.

IT Sales Training Feedback by George

George Dumitru

Regional Sales Manager, North America at Oracle

To this day, Bryan remains a mentor and inspiration to not only me but the 20+ IBM new hires he took under his wing over 30 years ago.

IT Sales Training Feedback by Kevin

Kevin Cronin

President and CEO at CroninCRE Inc

I have known and worked professionally with Shawn for over 10 years. He served as a mentor for me when I was new to my Sales position and always offered to coach and be a leader when necessary. He is passionate about learning and developing a winning culture to any organization. Shawn takes the initiative to develop successful leaders and creates a positive working environment for everyone who is a part of it. It has been a pleasure working alongside Shawn, and I hope to be working with him professionally again in the future.

Best Sales Training Programs Feedback by Ben

Ben Stockler

Sales Manager, AWS Cloud Solutions


I had the privilege to know Paul when I first accepted the role of an Account Manager at Oracle. I was awarded by Oracle as a Top Seller for the second year, and this wouldn’t have been possible without Paul. As Global Director of Sales and Channel Enablement, he had a huge and positive impact on my career as a sales professional. His Sales Enablement boot camps and resources transformed the way I think about B2B Sales, Networking with Executives, Communication, and the Value of Education. Paul was not only professional in his role, but he was also someone I admired and was inspired by his charming personality and positive energy.

IT Sales Training Feedback by Gabriel

Gabriel Samu

Enterprise Account Manager at Oracle

Jason recently delivered his ‘Science of Selling’ talk to us here at IBM Digital Sales European HQ. The session received strong uptake in IBM. The feedback from the audience was that the talk was informative, engaging and thought provoking. What more could you ask for? I would recommend Jason to any company looking for as a strong business trainer with an open communication style who uses the latest thinking in learning methodology.

IT Sales Training Feedback by Jeff

Jeff Moran

Learning Design & Curriculum Manager EMEA

Bryan Flanagan is simply the best sales trainer, and the best salesman, I have ever worked with. He brings an energy, enthusiasm, and skill set that translates easily into any sales situation. I have applied his ideas and techniques for over 15 years to great effect, and am richer in many ways for having stumbled across him in my career.

IT Sales Training Feedback by Jim

Jim Bright

VP of Sales & Technical Recruiting

The Dublin Business School family invited Jason to deliver a workshop on leadership and purpose during our innovation week. Jason delivered an outstanding session, and I would highly recommend him.

IT Sales Training Feedback by Shaun

Shaun Hayden CDipAF MBA

Third level lecturer | Business | Marketing | HR

I had the great pleasure of attending a couple of management courses in our office last year. I found the course material very relevant and informative and came away feeling very uplifted due to Audrey’s ability to engage the audience and make sure that everyone participated in the role-playing offering subtle advice. I would strongly recommend her for any future client, Great job.

IT Sales Training Feedback by Peter

Peter Rahaman

Vice President Business Development at Wayne's World Media Group, LLC

I worked with Shawn as a sales manager and director at Zones. During that time, Shawn was always on the leading edge of leadership development programs. Most impressively, he formalized many of the lessons that early leaders face into a manager-in-training program. Without him, many new leaders across the organization would have struggled to build trust with their teams and remain calm in stressful situations. Shawn is a valuable resource that I would gladly work with again! Thank you, Shawn!

IT Sales Training Feedback by Matt

Matt D.

Senior Financial Analyst at Intel Corporation

Worked with Audrey while she was a facilitator in the “Successfully Managing People” course. She did a fantastic job and was able to address real life examples. She was able to keep the class engaged to expose our challenges and work towards overcoming them. Highly recommend this course if she is facilitating it as I found a lot of value in it.

IT Sales Training Feedback by Reggie

Reggie Lau

Enterprise Network and Telephony Services Team Lead at Bloomberg LP

All I can say is that I was lucky to meet and work with Paul. I was a new hire at Oracle and had the full enablement with him; he has the gift to communicate and his huge passion for Sales and Enablement makes all this look easier on our real-world!! His knowledge attached to his inspirational way of seeing things is everything that led me to succeed as a great professional! I totally recommend Paul Bickford with his genuine motivational high energetic guidance to be the leader of any company’s enablement.

IT Sales Training Feedback by Pricialia

Priscila Castro.

Customer Success Manager (CX) at Oracle

Our Research on Tech Sales Training Programs and Performance Management

IT Sales Training and B2B Lead Generation Services

B2B Technology sales cycles are typically quite long and are characterized by the interplay of multiple stakeholders who tend to keep changing their minds at the different stages of the buyer journey.


Neuroscience offers a holistic approach to address the 3 broad areas of the customer’s brain that get triggered during a sales cycle – the instinctual, emotional, and logical brain.


Applying the TALSMART tri-fold neuroscience framework can help measurably empower sales professionals to achieve greater conversion rates.


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