Are you still using generic old soft skills type assessments?

TalSmart’s domain-specific Sales IQ Assessment’ helps you check your team’s agile selling skills that define your best performers. Omnia’s sales personality assessment helps you to search for sales attitudes in new hires.

Sales Skills Assessment


TalSmart’s IT Sales IQ assessment not only digs deeper into the candidate’s understanding of the sales skills needed for IT, Software, and Technology sales but also a good understanding of the candidate’s applicability.

The IT domain-specific ‘technology + sales’ skills blended questionnaire helps you access the team’s readiness and identify their areas of improvement in the entire sales process.

Sales Personality Assessment


The Omnia Sales Style Report enables you to identify and maximize the selling potential of your team. Are you looking for untapped sales potential on your team or concerned that some aren't true salespeople at heart?

The truth is, there are various sales styles, and making sure you have the right people in the right roles is key to any sales team's success. The Omnia behavioral assessment uncovers the strengths, challenges, and even hidden talent on your team.

Why should you hire for sales personality and train for IT sales skills?

The technology sales world is different. You are in a futuristic hyper-paced environment. Selling here is more consultative. You act as a trusted advisor keeping a future-forward mindset, connecting consumers with innovative tech products, solutions, and services.

Hiring salespeople who have sales personality traits like courage, compassion, and commitment is critical, and training them on the ever-changing IT& Software Sales Skills is the key to your organization’s success.

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