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Strategic sales coaching by industry experts is the key to success.
Statistically speaking, 60% of new learning is lost within only a few weeks of sales training if there is no concrete mechanism for its proper reinforcement.
Hence, effectively amplifying IT Sales growth demands one additional step after Software Sales Training -  Sales Coaching. In order to practice and thoroughly implement the new learning, one needs an experienced IT Sales Coach to guide on how to apply the learning in day-to-day situations. It is only through effective coaching that, over a period of time, the learning gets reinforced into the minds of the sales force. Proper coaching enables forming of muscle memory of participants undergoing the training and in turns smoothens out the structural adoption of new ways of doing things.

While many organizations leave the task of sales coaching to their internal sales managers, forward looking companies with a sharp growth mindset hire dedicated professional coaches with specific IT industry expertise.
The idea is to provide an additional support to the sales reps to develop the skills needed to exceed their quota and expectations.

It's not just ordinary Sales Coaching that TalSmart offers. It's more about rounded confidence and transformation to introduce that momentum!

Sellers must feel confident and prepared as their revenue targets rise year after year. Sales leaders also need to have the confidence that every salesperson in their team is ready to hit the targets assigned.


To that end, Talsmart Sales Coaching solutions help by making it easy to coach the team and practice activities for any selling scenario under the guidance of industry expert coaches with proven track record.

Professional Sales Coaching training empowers sales managers with the skillset & framework needed to coach their IT sales teams to success.

Effective SaaS Sales Coaching programs help to develop mutually beneficial, long-lasting customer relationships using collaborative techniques.
They shape up the mettle to hold meaningful coaching conversations, and develop a culture that supports high-performing sales teams.

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Build & Nurture Winning Sales Teams

Through TalSmart’s scientifically designed information technology sales coaching programmes, sales managers and coaches learn the art and science to hold effective conversations and develop a progressive internal culture that supports high-performing sales teams