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Breaking into Tech Sales

Breaking into Tech Sales

Mastering Tech Sales 

Transition to B2B IT & Software Industry

For SDRs/BDRs/AEs in Tech Sales

For SDRs/BDRs/AEs in Tech Sales

IT/Software Account Executive 

Winning BIG Deals

1 Million

Sales reps are needed in the
next 10 Years

$1 Trillion

In annual revenue for IT companies over
next 10 years


Average ON Target earnings
for AEs

SDRs and AE Jobs in LinkedIn as of Dec 2022

SDR Jobs Worldwide

LinkedIn SDR jobs

AE Jobs Worldwide

LinkedIn Account Executive Jobs

What is SDR/BDR?

SDRs/BDRs (Sales Development Representative or Business Development Representative) help a company to generate more leads, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales process, and ultimately increase sales. They are typically the first point of contact between a company and its potential customers.

Generate and engage the leads

Focus on Prospecting and securing a meeting

Qualify the leads

Create omnichannel approach mechanisms

Works at the start of the sales process

KPIs measured: Number of opportunities created

What is AE?

AEs (Account Executives) are responsible for managing client relationships and ensuring that the needs of the clients are being met. Account executives are typically responsible for identifying new business opportunities, negotiating contracts, and managing the overall relationship between the client and the company.

Nurture leads and convert into paying customers

Focus on deep discovery and closing

Managing the pipeline

Create org structures and maps buying process

Move the client throughout the sales process

KPIs measured: Number and value of deals closed

Tech Sales Career Path

Career Path In Software Sales

Choosing the Right Sales Training Company for Your Career Growth

1: Do they have Domain Expertise to teach techniques in IT and Software Sales Training?


 2: What is their Software Sales Training Process?


 3: How is the IT Sales Course Content Designed?


 4: Who are their IT Sales Trainers?


 5: What’s the Provision for IT Sales Training Impact Measurement?

IT sales Trainer

Our Trainers and Industry Experts

Emilia Clarke
IT- Sales Trainer & Coach

For over 25 years, Jason has been in the corporate area and has co-founded two start-ups. Jason has also helped numerous businesses and individuals grow. Jason has helped transform

Emilia Clarke
IT- Sales Trainer & Coach

Bryan began his career with 14 years of extensive experience with IBM as a super salesman, a “people” manager, and a sales instructor at IBM’s national ...

Emilia Clarke
IT- Sales Trainer & Coach

Award-winning global thought-leader in the IT & Software Sales enablement space. A graduate of the Virginia Military Institute, Paul has over twenty-five of experience

Emilia Clarke
IT- Sales Trainer & Coach

Mitch has over 30 years of proven success and experience of senior executive experience and leading global enterprise sales teams. He has driven sales success in both application, platform

Emilia Clarke
IT- Sales Trainer & Coach

Ron Oliver embarked on his technology sales training and enablement career over 20 years ago in Atlanta, GA. His experience gained training and coaching recognition with global brands

Emilia Clarke
IT- Sales Trainer & Coach

Wilson is an award-winning passionate and accomplished sales enablement facilitator and coach, and Distinguished Toastmaster in the enterprise software sales enablement space.

Emilia Clarke
IT- Sales Trainer & Coach

For the past 14 years, Shawn has been coaching, developing, and training salespeople and sales leaders to produce results. Being Director of Sales Enablement

Emilia Clarke
IT- Sales Trainer & Coach

Since 1992, Audrey has been training and sales coaching and consulting with Fortune 500 firms both here in the US and abroad, developing customized training solutions in a variety of industries.

Develop Your IT Sales Knowledge and Skills to Learn

  •   Tech Sales Foundation
  •   Selling with Authenticity
  •   Asking the right discovery questions
  •   Storytelling
  •   Handling Objections
  •   Negotiating to win
  •   Closing strategies  or Close with confidence  or Close with Partners
  •   Follow up and gain agreement
  •   Conversing and Presenting as a Sales Professional
  •   Networking for Sales Professionals

Sales is the lifeblood of business. You can’t afford to have an outreach group that is not well-prepared. Whether you’re hoping to work on your own abilities or run your own business, sales instructional classes can be a great way to develop.

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