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At TALSMART, we take a holistic approach to Sales Training and ensure that we have created the right mix of training for selling skills and techniques to empower our participants across all the aspects of Sales.

The TALSMART Advantage :

  • Exclusive focus on IT / Software industry
  • IT Case Study Based Sales Training
  • Expert Trainers from the IT / Software industry
  • Neuroscience based principles
  • Training programs focused through all stages of the Sales Cycle
  • Special focus on honing of mindset skills
  • Coaching option available for real life guidance
  • Rich library of interactive and video-based content
Why most of the sales training fail?

TALSMART Advantage: Core Philosophy

The TALSMART way of conducting a sales pitch is focused on enhanced learning, leading to an amplified sales performance.

The unique defining essentials of our approach are

    • Exclusive focus on IT/Software domain
    • IT/Software domain expert trainers
    • Interactive, multi-format training format and content
    • Use of principles based on Neuroscience

A typical sales cycle consists of 4 stages:

1. Groundwork: Analyze the business environment, identify the right accounts and prioritize the right opportunities, followed by research about the customer business environment and the competition.

  1. Planning: Create the perfect Sales Plan which is in sync with the customer needs & their sales cycle.
  1. Connection: Establish the connection with the customer  – the art of listening, power of questioning, building a meaningful conversation and most of all, build TRUST with the customer.
  1. Win-Win: Create a mutually beneficial proposition for both parties involved – to negotiate & close the deal with a Win-Win.
IT Sales Training

At TALSMART, we understand the significance of the role that Neuroscience plays in the Sales Cycle. And that is exactly why we have incorporated Neuroscience based principles in our training programs.

As per neuroscience-based selling techniques, the following broad steps need to be followed to gather the desired results from sales pursuits keeping in mind the three kinds of brains  – The Instinctual, The Emotional & The Logical.

Step 1:  Kill the defenses of the instinctual brain – Build rapport, create trust

Step 2: Pull the right chords in the emotional brain – Create the right emotional mix in the buyer’s mind

Step 3: Convince the logical brain – Establish credibility for the company and the product

The Mindset Phenomenon: Mindset skill for success in sales

It is often said that the correct mindset is the defining factor for success. While the participants may be masters of their selling skills, they also need to develop the right sales mindset to create the winning differentiator.

Here are some key categories defining the successful sales mindset  >>

Skills You Need To Be Successful In Technology Sales
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