Smart Account Management Program (SAMP)

[Virtual Instructor-Led 4 Half Days]

Account managers have two primary objectives: retain clients’ business and grow those opportunities. They accomplish these objectives by learning what their clients’ goals are and helping their clients achieve them.

For companies looking to improve client retention, building a robust account management team is crucial.

Long-term clients tend to buy more from the company over time and refer other clients to your business, reducing operating costs (such as prospecting and lead nurturing). In fact, a 5% increase in customer retention results in a 25% increase in profits.

Smart Account Management Program Helps IT Sales Executives Improve Cross Selling and Upselling Skills

TALSMART’s Smart Account Manager Program (SAMP) aims at training and enhancing the skills of Sales Professionals to skillfully navigate the sales journey and keep growing the business in key accounts.

The SAMP is a training program to equip you in creating lasting and recurring value in your business for both – your organization and the customers through a collaborative approach supported by the uniquely designed TALSMART Success Pyramid for achieving expertise at sales.

Program Details

It is a known fact that before a customer buys into the product, he buys into the person selling the product. At TALSMART, we understand this very delicate aspect of sales, and focus on humanizing the whole game by focusing on Soft Skills of the Sales Team in addition to the Hard Skills.

Moreover, the entire approach to the process of sales – if handled in a consultative or collaborative way, can make the customers trust and count on the sales professional as their own and take the relationship to a whole new level. From just a sales pitch, it becomes a partnership.

With the perfect mix of rich training content which includes IT case studies, learning techniques based on principles of Neuroscience and expert trainers with IT experience – the SAMP trains each of its participants in creating the right strategies, honing their Hard Skills as well as their Soft Skills through every stage of the Sales Cycle to become the invincible Collaborative Sales Champions.

Build Relationships And Achieve Hyper-Growth

The primary areas of focus for this program are:

  1. Getting a deep understanding of your accounts – the business units, the organization structure, the operations, the stakeholders, the influencers, the buying process
  2. Understanding the significance of Joint Business Value – and learn how to use the collaborative approach to build relationships and achieve successful selling
  3. Evaluate your position – as a seller in the customer’s business environment and map opportunities for current and future sales
  4. Planning the sales – by intelligently mapping your seller goals to the customer’s needs and creating the perfect sales story
  5. The collaborative plan and pitching – Create a sales pitch which is based on a joint business value.

Below is the (L)earning path divided into 4 days



What is a Trusted Business Consultant?

Understanding your Customer’s Business

Corporate Goals, Business Unit Strategies, and Departmental Tactics


Transform Initiatives into Opportunities

Account Influencers

Influencer Roles

Enhancing Client Relationships


Account Engagement Strategy

Financial Goals-Objectives-Actions

Partnership Goals-Objectives-Actions

Client Prosperity Goals-Objectives-Actions


Account Plan Validation Strategies

Sales Storytelling

Pitching the value of collaboration

Design & Present a Joint Business Value Report

How Does It Work?

The SAMP focuses on the concept of understanding joint business value and becoming a trusted business consultant for the client.

The key benefits of the SAMP by TALSMART are:

  • Tools and techniques focused on amplifying business from existing as well as new business accounts
  • Training imparted by domain experts from the IT & Software industry
  • Curated sessions using the principles of neuroscience for stickier learning
  • Training in the application of neuroscience principles in sales skills

The curated content for this program is delivered using a variety of training formats by using IT Case studies to maximize the impact of learning. These include:

  • Lectures / Seminars
  • Video Content
  • Individual Activities
  • Team Activities
  • Group Discussion
  • Role Plays
  • Viewlets
Key Components Of A Successful Strategic Business Alliance

Who Is It For?

The SAMP is crafted to help the sales account managers & business development representatives amplify their sales performance by creating and fostering shared value with their clients.

The key beneficiaries of this program are:

  • Sales Executives wanting to maximize business from their new and existing accounts
  • Sales Managers looking at increasing commercial milestones on their new and existing accounts
  • Sales Managers wanting to identify account influencers in key accounts and streamlining their efforts for maximum business output
  • Sales Executives, Managers & Business Development Representatives looking to have a higher value-driven approach through a collaborative approach in managing business relationships with their new and existing clients.
SMART Goals to IT Sales
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