Smart Sales Hunter Program (SSHP)​

[Virtual Instructor-Led 4 Half Days]

In the current IT & Software business environment, the expectations of customers are constantly evolving and the buying process of organizations is becoming increasingly complex. Factors like multiple stakeholders in a dynamic business environment, increasing competition, and reduced product/service differentiation have added more complexity to IT & Software Sales. We help you get the right mix of tools and soft skills in order to make a compelling sales pitch.

Following are some research findings from Harvard Business Review:

  1. Overall Performance: 12% of salespeople are excellent, 23% good, 38% average, and 27% poor
  1. Trust Factor: 45% of of customers believe salespeople are only serving their own agenda, while 25% indicated that salespeople only care about making the sale. Only 18% of sales executives are trusted by prospects. 
  1. Communication Skills: Less than 33% of sales executives are able to strike a productive conversation with C-level executives and decision-makers. 
  1. Strategic Approach: Only 54% of salespeople are able to clearly articulate why they have the correct solution that addresses their prospects’ needs. 
IT sales Training Courses and Online Classes

Below is the (L)earning path divided into 4 days


1 Day

3 Modules

Market Study

Competition Mapping

Prospect Management


Account Mapping

Sales Pitch Strategy

Lead Generation

Build B2B Sales Connections


Relationship Building

Meetings and Presentations

Modern Sales Closing Strategies


Creating action plan


Program Details:

Before a customer buys into the product, he buys into the person selling the product. At TALSMART, we understand this very delicate aspect of sales. Humanizing the whole game is imperative to success. And therefore the undeniable significance of the Soft Skills of the Sales Team in addition to the Hard Skills.

With the help of the perfect blend of content, trainers, and learning techniques – the SSH Program trains each of its participants in honing their Hard Skills as well as their Soft Skills through every stage of the Sales Cycle to become the invincible Sales Champions.

IT sales Training Courses and Online Classes

The Add-ons: Along with training through the step by step process of Sales, the SSH Program shall also equip it’s participants with productive Sales Tools that can be used by them to increase the efficacy of their Sales Performance.

Next-gen toolkit for Software Sales Professionals
How Does It Work?

The SSHP is a meticulously designed 11 module program, where participants will be trained on how to maximize their productivity through every aspect of a complex sales process. The key benefits of the TALSMART program:

  • IT & Software domain-related sales process content curated by experts from the very same industry.
  • Trainers with relevant experience from the IT & Software industry
  • Scientifically enhanced sessions based on Neuroscience Principles.  This makes the learning stickier and easier to apply in real-life scenarios.
IT sales Training Courses and Online Classes

The program has been carefully structured using a variety of training formats to maximize the impact of learning. These include:

  • Lectures / Seminars
  • Video Content
  •  Individual Activities
  • Team Activities
  • Group Discussions
  • Role Plays
Who Is It For?

The SSHP is tailor-made for Sales Professionals responsible for New Account Acquisition as well as for improving the business from existing accounts. It is designed to give the participants an edge over the competition and develop their skills to take on larger responsibilities in the sales arena.

The key beneficiaries of this program are:

  • Sales Executives looking to become a high-performing cog in the overall sales engine
  • Sales Managers looking to build a formidable result-oriented sales team
  • Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders looking for garnering sales and building a more trustworthy image among their clientele
  • Professionals that are new to the sales domain, looking to create a lasting positive impact on their organization’s top-line.
IT sales Training Courses and Online Classes
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