Smart Account Executive Bootcamp (SAEB)

[Virtual Instructor-Led 4 weeks]

Master classes and expert coaching for field sales & inside sales professionals, who wish to Upskill and Step Up in their sales career to become Account Executives/Managers.  Discover the True Art and Practical Science of Selling. 

Career Path In Software Sales

It can be easy to forget about the big picture when you are caught up in the day-to-day whirlwind of qualifying prospects, fixing appointments, or closing deals. It’s also important to think about where you want to end up and what you need to do in order to get there.

Here are the 2 key roles and how they help grow the business of the organization.

  • Inside Sales/SDRs/BDRs – Qualifying and Creating Opportunity for the BDRs
  • Account Executives/Managers – Creating Long Term Value for the organization and Relationships

Below is how TALSMART’s 4-weeks Practical Upskilling Bootcamp Enable You?

Week 1 Technology Domain Training and linking it to Business Strategy (@ 4 sessions @ 4 hrs. each)

  • Cloud Vs SaaS
  • ERP
  • Data Science & Visualization
  • Digital Transformation Technologies – AI, ML, AR/VR/XR, RPG & IoT
  • CRM
  1. Major players in these areas and Business Problems these technologies are solving.
  2. Major Players and how are their positioned, competition chart.
  3. Major Industries where these products are used -Retail, Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing and Pharma and Healthcare services
  4. Corporate Structure – How most of these companies are organized, designation and key stakeholders.
Next-Gen Technologies In The IT Industry To Grow Results

Week 2Smart Sales Hunter Program (@ 4 sessions @ 4 hrs. each)

Smart Sales Hunter Program Modules

Week 3 – Practical Training on Communication with Executives (@ 4 sessions @ 4 hrs. each)

Tips and Skills for High-Impact Communication
  • Understand your purpose for communicating.
  • Tips and skillset for high-impact communications
  • Plan for successful communications with executives, by identifying and tailoring conversations to the executive’s communication style and motivations.
  • Use an executive oriented mindset, content, language, and style when communicating with executives.
  • Be prepared for impromptu communications with executives.
  • Compose a situation-appropriate message to an executive-whether written or spoken.
  • Establish rapport and build and maintain the executive’s trust to persuade and influence decisions.
  • Persuade and influence executive decisions by building and maintaining a trusting relationship.
  • Apply a structured approach to navigating difficult conversations:
    1. Delivering bad news
    2. Asking for more time/money/resources
    3. Persuading an executive that has strongly held opinions (the non-supporter)
  • End-to-End trust-building process framework

Week 4 – Practical Training on Social Selling and CRM (@ 4 sessions @ 4 hrs. each)

Building Blocks for Successful Social Selling

Professional Networking through LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn Profile -Do’s and Don’ts
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Using Smart Filters Linked In

Using CRM Salesforce Efficiently

  • How to Create Accounts
  • How to convert lead into account and account into Opportunity
  • Managing Pipeline in Salesforce
  • Pipeline Stages
  • How to enter meeting and tele calling notes in Salesforce
  • How to enter to-do list in Salesforce

Virtual selling -Using Zoom and MS teams

  • How to Use Zoom effectively for Killer Presentations
  • How to Use MS teams to engage your prospect Virtually
  • Basic buttons of both the platforms and how to use these platforms effectively.

Interview Preparation

  • Resume writing and Cover letter
  • Interviews by Industry Experts
  • Tips and techniques as how to clear interview successfully
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