The story of tech sales: Value Proposition vs Value Perception

Don’t stress over your value proposition. It’s very simple. You need to find out what the value perception is to the other person and then equating a similar value proposition with the exchange. Value proposition is a crisp explanation of both the logical and emotional benefits of your product or service to your end customer.

Why Software Sales is difficult than Hardware Sales?"

SaaS sales are complex. In a typical software sale, there are multiple departments involved. So it is very important to understand the inner workings of the various departments. 

Are you trying to Sell before you are trained to Sell

Just because you have the ability to carry a tune doesn’t not mean you have the ability to sing. Just because you have the ability to talk doesn’t mean you have the ability to sell. Early in my career, I was trying to sell before I was trained to sell. You may be facing that challenge in your career.

IT Sales Opportunity in Supply Chain Disruption

As per Accenture report, 94% of fortune 1000 companies are seeing supply chain disruptions from COVID-19. TalSmart’s trainer Mitch talks about the “New Opportunities amid Supply Chain Disruption”

Using Neuroscience in Storytelling to Sell Technology

As per Neuroscientists, when selling, you are only playing with 2 emotions

  1. Either you are imparting pleasure
  2. Or you are taking away the pain

You got to choose what side you should run on?

How being a trusted advisor can Increase IT Sales

Gartner Survey Shows 51% of CFOs Are Preparing for Up to 30% Decline in Revenue This Year Due to COVID-19. TalSmart’s trainer Mitch emphasises why it is important to explain the value of your product or service in the first 15 seconds

Empathy in Sales

Empathy is having the ability to understand or feel the experiences of another person from their perspective. It’s like putting yourself in the shoes of the customer.  So, really understand and recognize people’s emotions, and what they see, what they feel and what they understand of the world right now.  

Making of a great salesperson: Practice the neuroscience of empathy

People think about empathy as some sort of mirroring of feelings, which is not completely true. As per Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, empathy is what happens when you are deeply curious about and invested in the experience of someone else. It triggers parts of the same neural networks responsible for executing those actions and experiencing those feelings.

Marketing Vs Sales

We as salespeople are the gap between bringing in quality prospects and acquiring new clients. Marketing is designed to reach a broad audience, and speaks broad terms. Our goal is to understand the immediate pain, and future requirements.

Persuasive communication 1O1

So, what is persuasive communication? Well, you know it’s got to be done with integrity, it’s got to be done with authenticity, it’s got to be done in a way that it’s very compelling and very positive, isn’t it. So, what I would suggest is the power of effective communication has to be done in a way that people relate to.

Art of Persuasive Communication

So, the art of persuasive communication. What and why is it important when you’re communicating effectively with people? The reason why you do it so you can get your point across that the other person resonates with, in a really effective way that they understand it but it’s also really positive. 

What you sell

Computer Hardware or Software or IT equipment. The answer is always focused on the product or service. It is just a part of what you sell. So what do top salespeople sell They sell the experience? What are the Value and differentiators?

Emailing Prospects

We are more connected than ever before and it is easier to identify decision-makers. Email is a powerful tool to connect with your clients. The first email you write should create curiosity and interest. Your email should not be a sales pitch.

Selling Software? Or Solving Problems?

Think about the last time you, or one of your reps lost a sale. Was it because of functionality, competition, price…or did you just get outsold?

Well, if you got outsold, we can help.