- Our Mission -

Is to enhance human potential, aiding sales transformation.


At TalSmart, we want to inspire every sales person to dream BIG. And then transform those dreams into reality applying Compassion, Commitment and Courage. We believe, these 3 C’s are the essential characteristics needed for any salesperson to WIN. 

Courage – Determination to Win because Winning is personal. It starts with determination and then you get equipped with skills to accomplish that.

Compassion – Applied Empathy to connect with clients, discovering their perspective, to better address their current needs and future motivation.

Commitment – But Empathy itself isn’t going to Win the sale, you need to build Trust. You can build Trust by being reliable, make and keep promises on a consistent basis. Reliability repeated over time, cements Trust, leading to shorter sales cycles.


Be Inspired

TalSmart is your go-to sales training and coaching partner that is focused on the IT/Software industry.

Backed by decades of cumulative training and coaching experience of industry experts in the IT/Software domains, we offer training that inculcates principles of neuroscience, IT Industry experts, with practical IT Case Studies.

Our training is:

ü  Highly contextual

ü  Extremely sticky

ü  Bound to bring desired change

Self-Evaluation with Sales Assessments Tools

How We Deliver

Our team of neuroscientists work extensively to make the training content available in a combination of various formats such as lectures/seminars, video, individual/team activities, group discussions and role plays – that works best for each individual’s learning style.

Sales Assessment

We also combine training with Sales Assessments Tools to have an insightful self-evaluation that is accurate, predictive and very sales specific. This helps to reinforce training, cultivating SMART habits and the modern way of doing sales.

Click here to know more about Sales Assessment at TalSmart.

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We hire and build your own remote dedicated development teams tailored to your specific needs.

SDRs/BDRs 88%
Account Executives 60%
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